Why “The Gutsy Mummy”?


Hey hey,

Im Laura a 27yr old mum of two cheeky babies Jasper (2) and Ivy (1) and here is a little about a new journey I’m about to embark on, thanks for joining me✌🏻️

ON March 11 this year I sat in a pokey white room with my mum by my side and two little Rugrats making a mess as usual and waited for the councillor to tell me some good news.

Much to my surprise the news wasn’t so good I tested positive for a genetic mutation known as Cdh1!

(So what is Cdh1? Cdh1 is a genetic mutation, if your mother or father have the gene then your individual chance of inheriting it are 50/50. It is a very rare gene mutation that has effected only 100 families worldwide)

I thought that if I found out I was positive I would break down as I had earlier last year when my mum tested positive, but in some strange way I felt a sense of relief.

Not exactly the emotion I imagined I would feel. But it just dawned on me that “okay unlike many relatives before me (who sadly passed because of this gene, unknowingly) I now have the knowledge to be tested and have an opportunity to take all the preventions possible to ensure this gene mutation doesn’t cut my life short”!

Sort of a blessing in disguise hey.

What does it mean? Basically your chances of gastric cancer and breast cancer shoot through the roof. The real kicker is that this specific cancer (gastric) is in most cases undetectable until it’s to late.

So now a decision needs to be made and this is where my journey begins!

Doctors warn the only way to ensure this cancer doesn’t take your life is to remove your stomach. Not just a portion the WHOLE thing!

Hence “The Gutsy Mummy”

I know exactly what your thinking, “How in the world do you live without a stomach?” Well I can tell you apparently it’s possible!

SO what on earth do I do next?

MY train of thought since the day I found out I was positive was that I would finish my family, and once all the kiddies where in school I would have a Total Gastrectomy (my stomach removed), that was until I met with the surgeon who had a different plan for me. He was very pushy to the fact that this is an urgent course of action not to be pushed back, certainly not for years. WHAT am I going to do?

SO now that you have the reason behind the name I would love for you all to follow me as I make some big life decisions!

My blog won’t be all about my health, it will contain some everyday gossip and a lot of mum squad talk 💃🏻

Thank you for reading and I look forward to getting to know you all 😘

Signing off for now

The Gutsy Mummy








8 thoughts on “Why “The Gutsy Mummy”?

  1. Wow! What a huge decision and a scary but important bit of information to have. I will definitely follow along! We love your IG and now your blog ❤️ @islamakesthree


  2. Hey Laura, sorry to hear that you have to make some major decisions because of your diagnosis. 😢I think we have a friend in common. Alison Bourke who’s husbands family also suffers this gene. Have a talk to her…their surgery has been a wonderful success!!.❤

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  3. I’m wishing you all the best, Laura. I know how hard this is. I was diagnosed with the same gene mutation only a couple of months ago. Lucky me, I’m 47 and not 27. I can’t imagine learning this news at such a young age!


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