Piggy Backs and Baby Dancing!

imageSo yesterday I pIggy backed on my mums Peter Mac app.

It was essentially just a catch up with the surgeon who would perform the Total Gastrectomy to get an idea of what’s required before the surgery, during the surgery and after the surgery.

It was amazing for him to tell us his patients on average go home day 4 after the surgery! Yep 4 days after having your whole stomach removed off you go! Your not just left to your own obviously, the help from a dietician is a must to help adjust your diet afterwards but all in all the recovery process is FAST.

WE left the app. with a little extra knowledge and more of a timeline on when we would get things moving. So my mum should be ready and scheduled in before Christmas at latest!

Me however, I am wanting to have one more crazy little baby before I get on the band wagon. Once I have finished breast feeding my last baby I’ll book myself in. Hopefully before I’m 30.(doctors orders)

Which brings me to trying for baby number bambino 3 WOW!

When you have had two unplanned pregnancies you think it’ll happen first go! NO!

After waiting 6 months for things to start up again after breast feeding then 7 months with some very irregular cycles we are seeking some help!

Today is my first appointment with a fertility specialist and I have my fingers crossed he can help us kick start things.

Im not complaining as I have two perfect, beautiful babies in my life but we have always had a vision of three and with a ticking time boom in my gut it’s essential for us to get help to hopefully push forward another pregnancy!

IF it doesn’t happen in our timeframe we will count our blessings and happily go on with life as a family of 4!

In the meantime all the Baby Dancing is a fun time 😉😜!

Peace, love and happy baby dancing to all!

The Gutsy Mummy x




One thought on “Piggy Backs and Baby Dancing!

  1. Wow – just read your story in the Daily Mail. You are an amazing, awesome touchstone for true love, hope, integrity and all that is good in humanity. I hope and pray the cause and symptoms you have been diagnosed with, are completely annihilated and you are healed completely – to complete your life in the fullness of happiness, success, prosperity and health, with your new baby and your family. You deserve that. Stay strong. You’re an inspiration!

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