Baby makes 5

Wow! image.jpeg

So we ended my last entry with me heading to the fertility specialist, turns out my uterus was already occupied 🙈

To see those two pink lines was jaw dropping! I yelled to Cam “look look we did it, I can’t believe we did it” 😂

Fast forward 2 weeks, low and behold my two best friends also find out they are expecting!

WE had said after our last babies “next round let’s do it together”. Never did we think it would actually happen, all due within 5 days of each other CRAZY EXCITING!

NOW 15 weeks along and boy plz tell me I’ll get my energy back soon. I am soooo tired. Baking a babe and running around after two toddlers is exhausting, but those mummy super powers some how always kick in and get the job done😅  I have never looked so forward to the kids bedtime as I do now.

My belly and belly button has popped already, should have worked harder on closing my recti diastasis (abdominal separation) before I fell pregnant again 🙈 But hey who cares right, as long as this baby makes its grand entrance happy and healthy

So far my biggest dilemma is do we find out the sex?? We had surprises with both Jasper and Ivy so naturally I can’t imagine doing it different however with both my besties finding out my will power is weak. 🤔

I feel like it would be handy to be organised given its the third and I may not have as much time to organise once bubs is here with 3 crazy littlies under my watch, but I’m scared it will ruin my excitement on D day.

I have 4 more weeks to decide!

What did you do? And what were the Pros and Cons?


The Gutsy Mummy xx



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