Did he really just say the C word? 

On Thursday Dec 8th 2016 with both rug rats in toe I headed to my out patients appointment to get my Gastroscopy results from August.

After an hour and 40 wait the surgeon called my name “LAURA”!

Into another pokey white room we go.

He opens with “I’m glad your sitting down”  Then he shows a picture of my stomach it looks perfect completely different from what I expected a stomach to look like it was so smooth and empty haha. But before I could even blink he drops a bomb. “Your stomach looked great until we got to the exit of the stomach, that’s where we found Early Stages of Gastric CANCER!”

With both kids running around this small room making a racket I just couldn’t digest what he was telling me, before I knew he was filling out some forms for me to have a repeat Gastroscopy the next day to make sure the cancer hadn’t changed in anyway!

When he left the room to find a bookings nurse I played happily with Ivy like nothing had happened. I think I was just a numb.

Abut I had a million questions to ask, they have told us from the start how aggressive this cancer is and that once it’s to late there is NOTHING that can be done.

I’m 19 weeks pregnant! 

Are you sure I have time to wait?

If you picked it up on a test that you say is impossible to pick it up on has it developed to far?

But he just seemed to not have the time to answer them.

He gave me a quick run down on what’s next and sent me on my way!

10 minutes later I leave the hospital with the following scenario:

I had a repeat Gastroscopy the next day (Friday 9th)

Now I am booked in at Peter Mac to have my stomach removed in 18 weeks (given that there are no changes to the cancer in my most rescent Gastroscopy) and that’s if the obstetrician is happy to go ahead with a c section at 37 weeks  (yep a newborn via c-section and a total Gastroscopy in the same week😖)

I held it together until I got the kids in the car, then I broke down

“What Just Happened?”

“Did he really just say the C word?”

AS I drove to my mums I had all the worst case scenarios running around my head!

And Cam how was I going to tell Cam? I mean how do you tell the man who loves you more then anything that you have Cancer? I just didn’t want to break his heart

Once I got to Mums and had another cry I calmed down and started to think logically!

This is going to work out fine it’s all abit faster then I would have liked but it was always the plan! I have always been good at finding the positives so why should I make this situation any different! As scared as I am I need to be positive for my babies, for Cam, for myself and for the sake of my precious bump.

Now we just need to plan ahead because having two toddlers, a newborn via a c section and total Gastrectomy all in a week is going to be a handful! 

But we are so so lucky to be blessed with the most amazing families who will here to help and support us through the next year 

I had my Gastroscopy yesterday and have a 2-3 weeks wait for results in the meantime I have my 20 week scan on Wednesday and obs app the following Tuesday! 

The next 18 weeks are going to be a very scary time but you know how it is as a mum you put it aside and you get on with it and just pray every minute that it all works out 🙌🏻

Hug those you love tight

The Gutsy Mummy xx


5 thoughts on “Did he really just say the C word? 

  1. Oh Laura… I’m sitting here looking at a blank box not knowing a write!

    Instead I burst into tears..

    This is bullshit and so unfair! But know if there’s anything you need.. please please please give me a call!!!

    You are so inspiring and I don’t know how you do it but you do!!!

    Sending you every healthy vibe and lots of love!


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  2. Hi Laura. As a new mom and a recent no-stomach person I feel for you. For me, this has been way harder than being a mom. I’ve dealt with a lot with strictures and not being able to eat… but I won’t go into those details. This is all too early and new and shocking for me too. All I can say is that you will need help and a lot of it. Get counseling beforehand so you go in it strong. Gastrectomy+hormones=? I was a total mental mess. It’s getting better. But enlist helpers in advance because you need to focus on yourself and you will also feel obligated to take care of your little one. You can do this! I don’t know you but I will be thinking of you.

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    1. Thank you Jess some really good advice! I’m sorry to hear of your struggles! I really hope things start to look up for you so you can really start to enjoy your little bundle. Thinking of you and thank you for you kind words xx


  3. I am so very sorry to hear this! I carry the mutation as well. I opted to have a total gastrectomy this past May at MD Anderson in Houston, TX. When pathology came back, I had stage one cancer. 10 spots of malignant sub mucosal cancer that had not shown up on an endoscopy with 40 biopsies just one month prior to surgery. I thank God everyday that I decided to have the surgery when I did. I will be praying for you and your family as you face this difficult time.

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