Hard followed by HARDER!

Just when you think you’ve had the hardest week of your life the next is HARDER!

The week started amazingly when we had our 20 weeks scan and seen our precious Bub 10 fingers, 10 toes and a little button nose.  A few hours later the doctors rang “Baby has cysts on the brain!” 😭 REALLY, really not what I needed to hear after last week. So up to Royal women’s Hospital 9am the following morning for scans and blood tests. All test come back low risk baby is perfect 🙌🏻 best news!

Tuesday rolls in and I have an appointment with Prof Macrae at Royal Melbourne. Hoping for some good news and possibly buy some time after baby is born before I need to go ahead with my own surgery. Well I got the complete opposite of that. When he called in my most recent Gastroscopy results it was not good news with more Adenocarcinoma found! 

With these new results the medical advice I was given was a massive shock! To them the main priority is me, so in saying that they were very keen for me to dismiss baby and go ahead with my own surgery immediately. Obviously as a mother and having a bond with my baby, feeling it kick and turn this was not an option for me. So they suggested baby has a good chance if delivered at 26 weeks.

Neither of these options feel right for me.

I booked an emergency appointment with a Geelong Obstetrician the following morning to get information on what is best for baby and its survival! He said anywhere from 28-33 weeks is viable and with steroid injections before delivery baby would have a good chance. He referred me to Royal Women’s for the remainder of my pregnancy.

I have many appointments coming up after Christmas with Peter Mac Callum, Royal Melbourne, Royal women’s and of course Geelong hospitals.

This decision weighs completely on my shoulders and its beginning to get really tough to stay positive. 

I want to give my baby the best chance but I also need to make sure that I am looked after for my two babies at home and of course Cam! 

All I know is that I will be waiting until my baby is atleast 28 weeks ATLEAST! 

And that is were my head is at right now. Hopefully after all my up coming appointments it will be easier to make a clear decision.

What ever the decision, it is dawning on me that it’s going to be a very difficult time and I am just so so blessed to have so many supportive people around to help us in every way and a massive thank you to all those who have dug deep for our “Go Fund Me” page we appreciate every single one of you more then you know 🙌🏻

We are heading away after Christmas for a week of relaxation so this will be my final post for 2016. Phew what a year!

I wish you all a super magical and Merry Christmas filled with laughs and good food! 

Stay safe and healthy and hug your loved ones extra tight 🎅🏼🎄

The Gutsy Mummy xxx

Photo by @_stephbrown_ 


One thought on “Hard followed by HARDER!

  1. Wow Laura, can’t imagine what your going through. Hope you can relax a little over Xmas and not think about what’s coming ahead. I’ll be thinking of you and send lots of love support.

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