It’s a Date 

What a month January has been!
We have attended appointment after appointment after appointment. Transferred my pregnancy to Royal Woman’s, made the tricky decision of which surgeon to go with, pushed for a later delivery day for bubs and locked in the all important DATES.

It’s really funny to me because I was handling this all so well and just taking it in my stride, but once we locked in all the details I felt heavy!

HEAVY in my stomach, in my heart, in my head. It all just became REAL.

Don’t get me wrong I’m still super confident that we have the support and positivity to smash the next few months but something inside is just bubbling over. I find myself close to tears all through the day, stressing about how the kids will react to mum not being mum for a while, explaining to the kids especially Jasper that his little baby can’t come home for a little while (he asks every day if we are going to pick up the baby), but mostly I stress that bubs will not like being brought into the world so early and then I have to leave my baby for my surgery, I fear it all! 

So many questions that just can’t be answered. 

But the fact is that this has to happen and it’s happening.

C section is booked for March 6th at 31+6 (far better then the 26 that was mentioned at my first app🙌🏻) I’ll have a week to recover from my C section and bond with bubs as much as possible before my surgery on March 14th. I’m hopeful to be out of hospital in less then a week after my stomachs removed and it may be possible for me to sneak across to the baby during the days before I’m discharged (fingers crossed!)

With only 5 short weeks until bubs is delivered and 6 weeks until my Total Gastrectomy the count down is on. And the nerves are buzzing.

SO here’s to February a month of good food, a full stomach 😉and loads of family time💃🏻

Love The Gutsy Mummy 💕

*Please note* 

I am talking to the right people about all my anxiety and fears I am not trying to tackle these by myself, I am not afraid to seek the help I need at this time 🙌🏻


One thought on “It’s a Date 

  1. Great post Laura. You are an amazing mum and your bubs will love you no matter what. You just keep doing whatever feels right and the rest will fall into place. You’ve got this 💙💚💖


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